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Step 1: Online Grant Application

(remember to complete step 2 after you complete step 1)

Step 2: Application Fee

$50.00 Application Fee:

This fee covers administrative cost and helps our foundation with cost such as Internet, office supplies and mailing of forms if needed. You agree that you are a legal resident of the USA and that everything you have stated is true and accurate. If you are picked to receive a grant, you are giving permission to Babies for Heroes, Inc to publish your photos if IVF is successful to our website for publication as a success story. You also agree that not all our Grant will awarded directly and may be applied as credit at your service provider directly for payment as service provided.

I agree with the terms

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I qualify?
    If your are an honorably discharged Veteran, a currently serving veteran and TRICARE does not cover IVF treatment. If you are an active First Responder to include 911 Operators. If you are an active certified K-12 Teacher. Then you qualify.

  • Do you cover my state?
    We cover every state and legal citizen in the United states.

  • My insurance pays some of the cost, am I eligible?
    Yes. We will serve as a 3rd party biller for your service provider. We will cover up to your award amount after insurance has paid any part.

  • What about medication cost?
    We will provide a direct grant for medication cost on a case by case basis.
  • We are a same sex couple, am I qualified?
    Of course you are, do no hesitate to apply. We will not discriminate based on sexual orientation, race or religious preference. However, you must be currently working with a Fertility specialist.

  • Are donations tax deductible?
    Please consult your accountant, we can not give tax or legal advice. We are recognized by the IRS as a non profit organization.

  • How much will a grant be for?
    This will vary based on case by case needs and available funds.

  • Do you have any paid employees?
    No, the foundation has no paid employee. We use the $50.00 processing fee to help cover some of the operational cost.

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